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CSB is one of the sign companies in Calgary Alberta that can be regarded as a one-stop sign shop due to the multitude of signage and printing  product types we manufacture, and our vast expertise in the field. Prospective clients do not have to worry about the installation of any of the  advertising products ordered from us, because we offer complete services. Whether you need your neon or LED illuminated sign mounted on the  building facia, or your vehicle decals installed onto the doors or back window of your pick-up truck, we got you covered. CSB can make and  handle almost anything regarding items commonly used to advertise your business and promote your name: interior and exterior signage, fleet  graphics, printed vinyl banners, window etching, self adhesive printed products, 3 dimensional logos and lettering, office nameplates, parking  signs, car magnets, sidewalk boards, workplace safety labels, channel letters backlit, engraved plaques, pylon sign face replacement and more. 

Digital-Graphics-Specialists Yes, you can say that we like to play with (digital) paint.. and that the monitor is the canvas!

There are five (5) main reasons for a business in Calgary, Alberta to use signs manufactured locally. These are: 1. To attract customers 2. To advertise the products and services offered, and special promotions 3. To provide directions 4. To build a brand 5. To trigger impulse buying
Choosing a local firm to look after your visual advertising projects is advisable, because:
a) you show that you care for, and support the local economy
b) you may resolve deficiency issues proptly, or any warranty work done in a timely manner
c) you can visit in person and participate in the design process without using back-and-forth pdf proofs
d) you can negotiate and handle payment details in person, while knowing who your money is being paid to (unlike online company)

In today's competitive business environment, companies have to pay increased attention to the advertising component of their business, and dedicate significant resources - may these be human or financial - to developing marketing campaigns to promote their products and services offered. Various mediums for image or ideas promotion are available, and although some may argue that not all advertising avenues are "created equal", nor that that yield the same results, we can all agree that, when done right i.e. methodical and targeted, advertising has tremendous benefits for the entrepreneurs, if only for letting the world know that they have to offer, faster, better, or smarter than their competition. This is where CSB company comes in play: we offer to help with SOLUTIONS tailored to match our customer's needs and budgets.
Out team will be pleased to turn your ideas into concrete products.
For a start-up business in Calgary Alberta, the following are viable options regarding signage, widely used categories with estimated costs in CAD (Canadian dollars). The list is arranged by cost, from the lowest to the highest.
$90 - two custom printed magnetic decals for vehicle doors. This is cost effective entry-level advertising sign option, particularly suiting the self employed people and contractors which share their vehicle (car, SUV, pick-up truck) between personal use and business use.
$130 - vinyl decal applied on back window of a vehicle. Although any vinyl lettering / decal can be removed relatively easy (DIY or by taking to a local sign shop), this method of advertising is considered to be a permanent one, as in it can't be used on-and-off like the aforementioned magnets.Note that the price can be higher if full color logos are involved, or if full window coverage using printed perforated vinyl is preferred (about $270 is the cost for the latter, including the installation). One aspect to remember regarding vehicle rear window advertising, is the fact that it will render the rear wiper unusable, otherwise it will scratch the graphics or the letters will start to come off pretty soon from the wiper blade running over them. For this reason there is no warranty coverage, unless the vehicle is a cargo van like Mercedes Sprinter, 2014 Dodge Promaster, and doesn't have rear wipers.
$170 - sandwich board sign, 2 ft by 3 ft . This kind of sign, also known as A frame sign, is used by mobile and fixed businesses alike. To expand on the idea: local small business like renovation contractors, roofers, landscapers, and painters, are knows to carry with them a portable sign - sandwich board - which is temporarily placed for the duration of their job on the sidewalk or lawn in from of the residential or commercial property they are working on These portable signs usually display the company name and logo, core activity, and contact information. On the other side, operations with a fixed business location (retail stores, private medical offices, manufacturing firms) use sandwich board signs placed directly in front of their brick-and-mortar location to promote their specials.
$600 - three sides vehicle graphics. This is a step up from the rear window decaling presented a couple of paragraphs before, now this budget allows for the placement of vinyl lettering, logo and text, on passenger, driver, and back of a vehicle. This is of special interest to contractors using cargo vans which have a sizeable advertising space which permits large letters, visible from far away.
$700 - composite aluminum fascia sign. This can be a board sign approximately 50 square feet (example: a 10 ft wide by 5 ft building sign) placed above the main entrance of a business in a building. It can be made using almost any color for the background with the writing done in a contrasting color.
$2400 - illuminated sign. This price would cover for the manufacturing and installation of a 12 ft by 3 ft sign cabinet with translucent plexiglass / lexan plastic face and fluorescent lighting. Sometimes erroneously called "neon signs" by extension of the layman term for of light bulbs type used, after being manufactured is a sign shop, these lightboxes will be further handled by professional installers operating a bucket truck. Final electrical connections are reserved for the site electrician, care of the business owner.

SUMMARY OF THE SIGNAGE, GRAPHICS PRODUCTS, AND OTHER ADVERTISING ITEMS PRODUCED IN CALGARY BY CSB Printed: - Vinyl Banners - Mesh Banners - Custom Wallpaper - Wall Murals - Backdrops - Self Adhesive Decals - Stickers - Posters - Labels - Static Cling Vinyl - Perforated Vinyl - Canvas / Framed - Giclee - Photo Enlargements Specialty: - Engraved Plaques - Name Plates / Tags - Wood /Metal / Plastic - Awnings - CNC cut - Router Window: - Etching - Frosting - Privacy Film - UV Protection - Custom Printed Graphics Displays: - Banner Stands - Portable - Roll Up Banners - Pop Up Displays - Retractable Banner Stands Vehicle: - Lettering - Decals - Logo Graphics - Partial and Full Wraps - Solid Color or Printed - Magnets Signs: - Illuminated - Back Lit / Front Lit - Pylon / Light Box - 3D / Volumetric - Exterior / Interior - Office / Building - Wayfinding / Directory - Real Estate / Developer - Lawn / Sidewalk / Parking - Portable / Temporary - Magnetic - Safety FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF SIGNS AND PRODUCTS OFFERED BY CSB  CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW, THEN IN THE NEXT PAGE CLICK ON ANY  ONE OF THE ITEM NAMES (HYPERLINKS) YOU WILL SEE ON THE RIGHT  SIDE OF THE SCREEN (SAME AREA AS THIS), WHICH WILL BRING UP  THAT RESPECTIVE PRODUCT’S PAGE WITH  DESCRIPTION, PHOTOS,  AND EVEN PRICING WHERE AVAILABLE.  We can install signs and graphics in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Chestermere, Strathmore,  High River, Turner Valley, Nanton, Olds, Sundre, Canmore,  and Banff. We also make banners, decals, stickers, and  safety signs for Fort McMurray, Cold Lake, High Prairie, Slave Lake, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Athabasca,  Lloydminster, Drayton Valley, Rocky Mountain House, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat  customers. We will also ship to other provinces like British Columbia and Saskatchewan, and Teritories (Yukon,  Northwest), using Purolator, Fedex, Greyhound, and others carriers. Product specific warranty applies. Free quotes.