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We make and install 3D letters in Calgary and area

Offering Custom Made 3D Signs And 3D Individual Cut Letters Made From Foam, Plastic, Metal, Wood.

Calgary Design Fabrication Installation Exquisite Luxurious 3D Layered Signs With Stand-offs, Spacers, Pin Mount.

Interior Signs In Calgary Alberta Brushed Silver Faced Foam Letters 3 D Logo Sign Installed On Stone Wall.

Foam w/ Aluminum 3D Cut Logo Letters Manufactured And Installed By Calgary Signs & Banners.

Sample Calgary Cut, Formed, and Cast 3D Letters Acrylic, PVC, Composite Aluminum, Wood, Metal Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Foamcore.

Installation Of Individually Cut Letters Flush With The Wall Is The Most Cost Effective Solution.

When The Client Plans To Have Their Sign Movable (e.g. To Another Location, In The Future), We Create It With A Background So It Can Be Hung Or Affixed With Fasteners.

Installation With Double-Sided Specialty Tape With Strong Adhesion Is Done Using A Reverse-Cut ("Cookie Dough" Cut) Template, So The Letters Are Aligned and Spaced As Needed.

Solid PVC Is The Material Of Choice For Good Looking and Durable Wall Letters. It Takes Considerably More Pressure On Letter Face Before A Mark (e.g. Dent) Will Occur, When Compared With Foam Letters.

Multiple Layers Can Be Visually Stunning And Add A Note Of Distinction To Known Companies Name.

Anodized Aluminum Veneer Laminated Onto Foam Material Opens New Horizons In Terms Of Aspect And Strength (Durability). Nevertheless, Wall-Mounted Letters Should Be Never Tampered With.

Client Must Ensure That Any Freshly Painted Area Has Dried Thoroughly Before 3D Foam-Cut Letters Can Be Installed Flush, Otherwise It Can Peel Off When Doing The Positioning.

Durable, modern, elegant 3D signs Calgary designed and fabricated (letters, logos). Custom router cut 3D Signs Logos and Letters with shipping to Alberta, British Columbia (B.C.), Saskatchewan, etc., and we can offer installation if desired. We design and cut in Calgary any type of: 3D metal letters (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Bronze), 3D wood letters (MDF, Medex, Crezon, Plywood, Cedar, Solid Wood), 3D plastic letters (Acrylic Plexiglass, PVC Sintra, Komatex, Komacel, Celtec) 3D Aluminum Composite Letters (Dibond, Alupanel, Reynobond), 3D Foam Letters (Styrene, Gatorfoam, Foamcore, Ultraboard, Laminated Foam, Foam with metallic face veneer). Contact CALGARY SIGNS & BANNERS for more information.

Click here to go to Office Reception / Lobby Signs specialized page; there, find "Section Type 3" to see much more examples of 3D (aka raised) letters used in custom signs.

  • 3D Signs Calgary 3 D Letters (read more)

    Sign-making represents what one would refer to as a trade, yet making elegant signs is a form of art.
    We, at Calgary Signs & and Banners are proud to offer premium quality signs, carefully created from concept to execution.
    3D letters and logos are part of modern looking signs (architectural signs, monument signs, facade signs, reception signs, etc) and the design concepts grown from the mind seeds (ideas) of our trained graphic artists, developing into well integrated elements of decor with branding or advertisement twists
    Companies in Calgary turn to our company for quality custom 3D signs, letters and logos knowing that they will get:
    - best prices for signs made of individual cut 3 Dimensional logos and letters
    - personalized one-on-one design process, where the ideas are exchange between our graphic department and the client
    - carefully chosen materials to match the design and the destination (use)
    - sign installation services anywhere in Alberta
    - long lasting products backed by warranty and post-warranty service
    Calgary Signs & and Banners will design, manufacture, supply, and install any type of 3 D letters and layered signs our Clients shall envision.
    For the 3D elements (letters, shapes) that form the sign or logo, Calgary Signs & and Banners can use a plethora of materials, each best for certain use and surrounding environment: wood (cedar, or other solid wood, Crezon, plywood, MDF, Medex), plastic (PVC - Sintra, Komatex, Komacel, Celtec, or Acrylic - Plexiglass), metal (Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Copper), Foam (Gatorfoam, Foamcore, Ultraboard, laminated foam boards, foam sheets with veneers or metallic face, Styrene), and Aluminum Composite ( Dibond, Alupanel, Reynobond).
    Each material is cut using the appropriate technology and consequent equipment: while most of the 3D letters and logos are router-cut, some materials will have a better finish when cut with a water-jet equipment, and some other are better suited for laser cutting.
    There is also plasma cutting available for thick large metal letters. Some 3d letters don't require any coating due to their natural, lasting finish (for example, Gatorfoam with brushed silver laminate, for indoor applications). Other 3d letters require painting or powder coating, for protection and increased durability.
    The following finishes are available for cast 3D letters ordered through Calgary Signs & and Banners: painted (many colors available), satin aluminum, clear anodized, bronze anodized, gold anodized, black anodized. The installation types commonly encountered in the signage industry are: stud (pin) mounting, and rail installation (where letters are first installed onto rail or rails, then together on the wall, fascia, etc. Our company is also offering signs with a backing, pre-installed in our shop, then everything installed as one unit at site.
    For the fabricated stainless steel 3D letters, suitable for LED backlighting, the following finishes are offered to our customers: brushed stainless, brushed gold, brushed copper, brushed bronze. We can also offer composite 3D letters (such as stainless steel, or aluminum body letters with engraved/recessed acrylic face). Contact us for more information at 403-253-6400 (Calgary).
    Metal 3D letters can be installed with optional LED lighting (diffuse glowing behind the letter), and the LED-s can be ordered in any common color. These stainless 3D letters are made from 304 Stainless Steel Alloy (minimum 20 gauge depending on letter size).
    3D formed plastic letters are also offered to our valued customers; they are available in 120 font types, 30 colors, a variety of styles (round, prismatic, etc), and sizes ranging from 3" to 48" (height of the plastic 3D letter).
    Similar to our metal letters, concealed LED lighting cab be added to any formed plastic letter. Calgary Signs & and Banners will produce a graphic rendering (proof showing an approximate-look of the sign superimposed in the area where is to be installed; also known as a "mock-up", or "layout"), so that the appearance can be discussed and evaluated together with the client, and changes (if needed) made before putting any sign into production.
    If you are thinking of ordering an elegant 3-dimensional sign with 3D letters (LED illuminated or not), that will impress the viewers, contact Calgary Signs & and Banners, Calgary's premier choice for quality sign and join our list of customers that includes famous hotels, large Oil and Gas corporations, dynamic Engineering firms, and elegant real estate properties, and may other in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan.

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