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We mannufacture lit box signs with custom graphics (and provide installation services)

Our company makes backlit signs with printed or cut vinyl graphics on translucent faces and inside led or fluorescent electrical lighting.

We design them so that they are colourful, bright, and visible from far away during the day and at night time. We print only in high resolution.

Sign cabinets are the most common backlit type sign. They cost less than the shaped logos and bent volumetric letters because of shape, etc.

In the strip malls in Calgary, the boxy sign cabinets are gradually replaced by the more modern channel signs which use LED illumination.

There still are numerous buildings where the sign surrounds the building as integral part of its bulkhead, and we provide face replacement services.

We tackle any request with the same promptness and professionalism. We understand that independent merchants with small stores rely on their signs for exposure.

Making good looking signs is a combination of art and technology. Sign in the photo shows a sign with logo and letters illuminated using spot lights.

CSB can be hired for one-time jobs such as backlit sign face replacement, fixing broken lights, or we can be hired for on-going maintenance contract.

There are many types of backlit signs in use in Calgary, from light boxes to channel letters that go on the exterior of a building above its main entrance, to poster cases and other displays used in movie theatres, airports, convention centres, and sport arenas. CSB manufactures or supplies all of them, with complete services which include site survey, graphic designing, proofs and rendering to be used for obtaining your signage permit from the City of Calgary administration offices, and last but not least, installation at your site.

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    Backlit signs and letters typically use either fluorescent tubes or LED modules internally and the faces are translucent acrylic or Lexan. One is better than the other - ask us why!

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