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We make and install building signage (exterior front fascia signs) in Calgary

CSB offers complete sign services from custom design to site installation for products, including light boxes with 3d led letters.

We tackle any kind of building signs incl. custom 3d led channel letters & architectural illuminated signs installed.

Exterior-mounted building signs on a budget can be illuminated using an external light source such as halogen lights, spotlights, goose-neck lamps.

They can also be with interior illumination, and the cheaper alternative is by using fluorescent tubes. Illuminated box signs are cheaper than channel letters.

We can cut and install big letters from long lasting material to create a visible sign that does not cost as much as other exterior signs yet look very elegant.

CSB produces cost-effective signs in Calgary including combining aluminum composite backing board with custom cut 3D letters.

Some specialized signs we produce use Dibond Alupanel aluminum composite substrate contour-cut and with custom graphics in any colors.

We offer multiple affordable sign solutions for installed Calgary fascia signs including non-lit Dibond boards with pvc 3D cut logo.

CSB can design, manufacture, install, remove, change graphics, repair, and provide maintenance services for any type of signs installed on buildings in and around Calgary: fascia signs, illuminated signs, light boxes, LED signs, channel and halo illuminated letters, signs with frame, board signs, 3D signs, backlit sign cabinets, and more. Upon request, we can supply our customers with CSA compliant illuminated signs + quality installation in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Bragg Creek, Canmore, Banff, Chestermere, Strathmore, High River, Turner Valley, Olds, Sundre, Nanton. We are confident that we can beat any quote from any other sign company in Calgary by a minimum of 5%* (quotes in writing; *for same offered)

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    Depending on the effect desired, the signs designed to be placed on the outside of a building envelope can be of few types, thus our team has to discuss with our client all the available option: illuminated vs. non-illuminated, 3D vs. 2D, with a backing vs. individual letters, backlit using LED vs. backlit using fluorescent tubes, large vs. small.
    From a cost perspective, a 2D board sign with cut vinyl graphic is the cheapest available option that is still durable and good looking, followed by shaped / contour-cut aluminum 2D signs, then, a more expensive option is a illuminated sign can aka lightbox, with the most expensive alternative being the 3D illuminated channel letters.
    Know that exterior (projected light) illumination is always more economical than the interior (backlit) option to make a sign visible at night. Even within the backlit illumination design, using LED modules is more expensive than using fluorescent tubes; however, channel letters do not always permit the use of the latter.
    Building Signage Types
    Many think that marketing a product or a brand means buying a spot on TV, newspapers or magazines.
    That could not be farther from the truth. These days, businesses have so many different avenues for marketing!
    They can either go the traditional route, where they release print ads, television ads, or radio ads. Or they can attempt a digital campaign.
    As the manager of a venture, you can also come up with suitable outdoor advertising.
    Some opt for a more direct route, sending out direct mailers to their clients.
    These strategies all have their benefits, and the result really depends on the market that you are targeting, and which media is more effective for them.
    For most brands, they combine various efforts into one concerted campaign. This is the most effective way to go about it: access the market through a variety of advertising or marketing channels.
    Those who would like to explore a proved approach should consider putting up noticeable company name and logo on the building. Also referred to as fascia signs, they are illuminated or non-illuminated 3D structures installed at the place of your business.
    They are installed typically on the facade of the building where your office resides or where your store is (sometimes on the back wall also, if it's exposed to a road).
    They showcase the business's name and/or motto, and are either produced as a box / cabinet with a back lit translucent face and neon tubes inside, or as individually illuminated letters and logos with LED internal illumination.
    One common feature of both types is their brightness which makes them easily noticeable at night. If you see these illuminated letters on buildings in Calgary, then you will notice that they are quite visible thus generating a lot of attention.
    Business owners should know where to place the illuminated letters on buildings in Calgary, so you can get the most exposure: higher elevations, proximity to heavy traffic areas, are guarantees that it will be spotted by a lot of people. Crossiron, Chinook, Market, and TD Square are the four largest shopping malls in Calgary, Alberta and are great places for scouting for display ideas.
    CSB, being the experts that we are, can help you build the unique and creative neon or LED display logo that can bring you a considerable Return On Investment.
    Once you have picked a location for your building signs, you should note that the designs for these should be simple and straight-to-the-point. You can't put a lot of images, or a lot of text. The easier it is to read, the more impact it will create. If possible, just put the logo of your brand or product, then a short tag line that describes what you are offering. It is simple, direct and generates a lot of attention.
    Try to make it as unique as possible so it will rise from the crowd of business signage in Calgary.

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