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Calgary LED signs fabrication and installation at site

There are many types of LED signs, based on the way they are made, and lighting features. Channel letters are the most popular.

LED modules on a continuous wire are carefully attached to the bottom of the letter or logo shape can, then each is tested.

Our shop's next production step is printing (and contour cutting) of the vinyl for the letters and logos, and laying the vinyl.

When everything is ready to be installed, we go to the site, where we first put a full scale template on the building, for aligning.

The end result should be a sign with uniform glowing, highly visible and easy legible in both daylight and during the night time.

LED signage has the highest energy efficiency of all, better than using fluorescent tubes, and way better than incandescent light bulbs.

Another type of LED sign we produce are the "Channel Shapes", where instead of having individual letters, we group them in a contoured container.

One of the best looking exterior / interior LED sign types is by using the "Push Through Letters" design, where the letters radiate the light.

For the most elegant interior LED sign design we recommend using translucent letters mounted on a backing box, which creates a great effect.

Interior wall LED signs are used in reception area, and in the example in the photo above we engraved the plastic, and used edge illumination.

Another sign design we can do is with non-translucent face letters, but placing the LED modules on the inside of the faces, shining towards the wall.

Then we install the letters with an offset (a gap between the letter backs and the wall), which creates enough space for the light to glow (surrounding them).

LED lighting technology is considered both modern and an environmentally responsible solution for building signs and outdoor displays. Calgary Signs & Banners (CSB) makes custom LED signs to reproduce on a building fascia our client's logo and text that is illuminated in color. The geometrical elements present in a 3D LED illuminated logo are called "Channel Shapes", while 3D text components with LED inside are known as "Channel Letters". Manufacturing process involves bending the "returns" to follow the face edges, vinyl application on the "caps" translucent face & fitting LED modules. CSB is servicing Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Chestermere, Strathmore, High River, Olds, Red Deer, Canmore, and Banff for site installations.

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    LED signs produced by CSB are all 12V wired on the outside of the building. Connections to one or more 110VAC / 12VDC transformers (on the DC side) located on the inside of the bulkhead of the fascia, are handled by our technicians.
    The 110V supply from breaker box service wiring, and final electrical connections are the responsibility of Client (i.e. Client needs to bring in advance the 110V supply to connect to the transformer(s).
    Please ensure you are using a qualified / ticketed electrician or company and agreed by the Property Manager to handle the 110V electrical part of the job.

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