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Roll Up Banners Calgary

Vertical pull up banner stands are light and easy to carry. Assembling them is a breeze. It takes less than one minute to set it up.

Custom roll up banners by Calgary Signs & Banners. Available graphic design services, including sourcing royalty free photos.

By placing a few retractable banner stands together you create your own trade show backdrop display 6-8 ft. tall by a multiple of the width.

Calgary roll-up banners sale customized with any graphics, best indoor advertising option.

Most common widths of the vertical banner in the stand are 24", 33", and 48". The size we sell the most is 33" (x 80" tall graphic).

Calgary portable banners are the best way for professional image display at budget cost.

With roll up banners used as portable displays for trade shows, presentations, and even permanently in their reception or showroom, Calgary businesses can benefit from having a custom printed advertising product that is as easy to set-up as it is to carry around. The retractable banner is printed by CSB in house in Calgary, and we assist our customers with graphic design services when they do not have their own artwork. We carry economy, intermediate, and premium quality stands for all budgets. For our clients who appreciate a solid construction and printing at higher resolution than other signs companies, we offer our top-of-the-line banner stand printed on optimum lay-flat impregnated textile material.

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    We serve customers in all Alberta's major cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie. We also ship to British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Roll Up Banner Prices & Discounts

Buy1Only Buy2ǂ Buy3-5ǂ Buy6>ǂ
Size 33" x 80" Type "Bronze (Economy)" C$295 C$290 C$285 C$280
Size 33" x 80" Type "Silver (Intermediate)" C$345 C$340 C$330 C$320
Size 33" x 80" Type "Gold (Premium)" C$465 C$460 C$455 C$440
ǂ Of The Same (i.e. same size, same copy).
* Prices are based on client supplying print-ready files, full scale, pdf type, otherwise design / set-up charges may apply (if you want us to design your banner stand, the typical cost for our design services is C$80 net).
** Some of our competitors are notoriously overcharging for these products. Don't be fooled by the "We charge more because we have better quality" or "You get what you pay for" deceptive sales phrases. That is simply not true! Quality is available at lesser costs, for the ones who persevere in finding the best deals. Congrats! If you're reading this, you've found it!
All of the above are prices are supplied, net, FOB our shop in Calgary, AB. Shipping / delivery costs not included.

Customers Ask Us: "What Are The Differences Between The Three Types Offered?"
- These vertical banner display stands are marketing vehicles designed to deliver a message from its source (namely our customers who order them) to their target audience.
- Just like their counterparts in the auto industry, ALL CAN DO THE JOB, but SOME DO IT IN MORE STYLE THAN OTHER. Analogy we like to make is with a lower end vs higher end vehicle - both can take you from point "A" to point "B", but the latter does it classy.
- Same applies to the banner stand models listed above.
- For type "Econo (Economy)" we use standard aluminum bases with folding/rotating leg(s), and a vinyl banner material with a gloss finish.
- For type "Value (Intermediate)" we use standard aluminum bases with folding/rotating leg(s), and a vinyl banner material with a matte finish (higher quality).
- For type "Super (Premium)" we use premium aluminum bases without legs, with smooth shiny surface, and adjustable floor contact. The banner material is the highest quality: true flat, textile based, ensures edges are straight.
- For the first two, the vertical banner edges may bend frontward or backward (this is a commonly encountered physical reaction of stretched vinyl, most people don't see it as an issue).
- If you want the banner to have best looking edges with no curling, go with the "Super (Premium)" type because it doesn't use vinyl.
- FOR ALL TYPES: printing is done at the same high resolution! (i.e. no differences in the print's details and accuracy).
- FOR ALL TYPES: carrying bag is included! ("Premium" banner display has a much nicer padded carrying bag, also).

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