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Trade Show Pop Up Displays Calgary

Calgary trade show display at Calgary Home & Garden Show made using wood framing with rigid aluminum composite panels, printed.

Create modern exhibiting event spaces with custom graphics. Contact us to discuss custom trade show booth projects.

We offer pop up display renting at a rate of CAD $80 net per day (typical event duration in Calgary is 3 days).

Inexpensive pop up displays with custom graphics are easy to set up i.e. no tools required.

Affordable yet stylish backdrops with lighting and media options. Design services available here at CSB.

CSB offers custom trade show displays manufacturing and installation at the event's location in Canada.

The types of displays used at trade shows to attract attention to the products and services offered by a company during an exhibiting event are referred to as trade show displays. They come in a varied range of sizes, different styles and costs. Some of the more popular trade show displays include pop-up displays, table top panels, banner stands and literature racks. Pop-up displays usually contain one or multiple graphic images depending on your specifications, company logo, slogan, and advertising information. They are made from materials like aluminum (frame), plastic (hinges and clips), with carpet-like fabric panels (for 'velco-ing' stuff to it), or with custom-printed and laminated vinyl panels. They can come with attached ambient spot lights. Pop-up displays are available either as a tabletop display (a miniature version) or floor display. They are very convenient to use, simple to assemble and disassemble and also easy to move around. One disadvantage, however, is that they are usually not of adjustable size.

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    Tabletop panels are rectangular pieces that come in different styles and sizes. Because of their extremely compact displays, they are quite easy to ship to the location of the tradeshow even with the graphics in place. They often come with briefcase style cases that further make their transportation very easy and convenient. Since panel displays come in various design styles and color combinations, they allow you to have a coordinated display that has your company logo and your company colors. In addition to the ease in transporting table top panels, they are also quite easy to assemble as pop-ups even though they are extremely durable.
    Literature rack is another type of trade show display and they are usually made of plastic or aluminum. They are stands that help showcase the company's products or literature as the case may be. They are useful for promotions, easy to transport, and fit into any carrying case because of their collapsibility. Literature racks are a very important part of a trade show. There are various display choices one can make; however, the best option is usually a mix of the different options to suit your business needs.

Pop Up Display Prices (Buy or Rent)

Display size Buy Pop Up Display
With Custom Printed Graphic Panels
Buy Only The Graphic Panels
Custom Printed With Renting The Display
Rent Pop Up Display
(Frame With Or Without Black Carpet Panels)
Size 10 x 10 (most common at trade shows) C$1,995.00
comes with travel cases which form a podium
C$350.00 per graphic panel
(typically requires 4-6 panels for a 10x10 pop up display
C$80 per day
includes travel cases which form a podium, two (2) ambient spot lights

Prices are based on client supplying print-ready files, full scale, pdf type, otherwise design / set-up charges may apply (if you want us to design your display, the fee for our design services is C$80 net).
Some of our competitors are notoriously overcharging for these products. Don't be fooled by the "We charge more because we have better quality" or "You get what you pay for" deceptive sales phrases. That is simply not true! Quality is available at lesser costs, for the ones who persevere in finding the best deals. Congrats! If you're reading this, you've found it!
All of the above are prices are supplied, net, FOB our shop in Calgary, AB. Shipping / delivery costs not included.
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