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CSB does vehicle wraps in Calgary Alberta

Category: Cars • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Solid Color Adhesive Vinyl Films (aka Restyling). For more information please visit our Car Wrap page if you have a compact, medium-sized, or sedan car.

Car wraps (restyling) with matte vinyl are very popular, whether black, charcoal, silver, white, or other colors.

We use only premium 3M, Avery, Hexis, Arlon, Oracal wrapping vinyl materials because we do not make compromises.

A novelty wrap vinyl (with air egress) is the chameleon type which changes color when viewed from different angles.

Our Calgary wraps install team delivers quality second to none and our prices are unbeatable (scroll below to see).

Category: Cars • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics. For more information please visit our Car Wrap page if you have a compact, medium-sized, or sedan car.

CSB produces many custom printed vinyl coverings for business advertisement & marketing, but also for election campaigns.

A money saving solution that does not require compromising too much, is doing a partial wrap on your business's vehicle.

Ingenious marketing campaigns usually employ a fleet of vehicles each carrying visually stunning graphics on their body.

Company vehicles are most suitable to carry vinyl wrap advertisements, since these are on the road most of the time (e.g. delivery).

Categories: SUVs & Minivans • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics.

We take a otherwise boring-looking vehicle and turn it into a "un-boring" one, all at same time with creating a powerful advertising tool.

If you can find a more cost-effective way to advertise a business 24/7, especially a services start-up, let us know and you'll get a prize.

We are a one-stop decal shop in Calgary, providing full services which include graphic design whenever requested at C$60-80 net per hr. rate.

For that reason, and the fact that we strive to keep your cost within your budget by providing solutions, we are kept busy by our clientele.

Category: Pick-up Trucks • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Solid Color Adhesive Vinyl Films (aka Restyling) • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics.

We do many matte vinyl wrap jobs in our shop in Calgary with 3M material which is considered to be the best by our industry's professionals.

It is true: wraps work for promoting your business, and all our vehicle graphics productions are unique and will stand out from the crowd.

On occasion, we do out-of-the-box projects like applying graphics on pick-up truck canopies, although this application is challenging.

Sometimes we create custom backgrounds for our graphic concepts, like in the photo above with dark wood grain under contrasting color text.

Category: Trailers • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics.

Trailers are used by many businesses with mobile services or to carry their tools.

We do partial and full vinyl wraps for trailers of all sizes, putting customer's logos and information onto.

The challenge we face when applying vinyl graphics on trailers is that we have to remove all screws (and there are quite a few!).

But the results are well worth the effort, and our biggest recompense it seeing the fruits of our work when driving around Calgary.

Category: Delivery Vans • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics.

A delivery van is a good example of a working vehicle whose productivity can be elevated to the highest level by carrying an advertisement.

That advertisement can be a company logo, accompanied by a motto or slogan, company's mission statement, an enumeration of services offered.

But sometimes it is suitable and efficient to also have photos of work done or products offered, and maybe the sale promotions in effect.

Whatever the case may be, a van wrap can accommodate all of it with ease, it's just a matter of designing it so the information can fit on.

Category: Delivery & Box Trucks • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics.

In the next category, box trucks present an even greater opportunity to capture viewing audience's attention with colourful graphics affixed.

Most of the older models have dome rivets on the side panels, making it challenging for applying the vinyl film without using heat to conform it.

Some of the new models, however, have a formed plastic unicell box, making it every graphic installer's dream to wrap the vinyl on those ones.

Delivery truck's sides and back are perfect for showcasing printed vinyl graphics, due to the large surface and flat & vertical laying (straight viewing)

Category: Food Trucks & Utility Vehicles • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics • Covering Board Signs.

CSB Calgary also handles food truck vinyl wrapping, including restyling older vehicles that change owners. We can create stylish or photo-realistic graphics.

A new trend is taking shape where customers don't go to the fashion clothing store anymore, but the store comes to them! We help by restyling mobile vendors vehicles.

CSB has been always regarded as a solution provider for businesses wanting to combine utility & aesthetics, and some vehicles have corrugated metal sides, or irregular body.

So we came up with the idea of (securely) applying printed boards on the sides of such vehicles as per the examples above, which also keep like new what's underneath them.

Category: Other Vehicles • Partial Or Full Coverage Wraps • Printed Adhesive Vinyl Graphics • Covering Board Signs.

We also can do motorcycle wraps,

transport truck wraps,

.. and any other "vehicle" one can possibly think of :-) Our motto is: "If the vinyl can stick to it while at lightspeed, we'll even wrap the Millennium Falcon in matte black so the imperial destroyers cannot detect it".

Vehicle wrapping is the process through which a special vinyl film is applied onto the surface of a car, truck, cargo van, trailer, motorcycle, other autos, or it can also be a boat, jet ski, snowmobile, etc. The film itself is rather expensive (for example, for a pick-up truck, the cost of premium 3M solid colour wrap vinyl which comes with over-lamination layer from the manufacturer costs about CAD $800 to fully cover all exposed painted surface). Although those interested in getting a auto vehicle wrap in Calgary can find plenty information on Google and even DIY narrated videos on YouTube, they have to consider the fact that it is a labour intensive work, and for a first-timer it may not turn flawless. CSB will do it right!

  • Vehicle Wrapping (read more)

    Calgary Signs & Banners (CSB) uses only premium quality wrap film from manufacturers like 3M, Avery, Hexis, Arlon, or Oracal. We also offer custom printed vinyl covering of your auto vehicle for businesses in Calgary and area that want to use the body of their car/truck/SUV/cargo van/trailer to advertise and to bring attention to their brand and name.
    Wraps can be permanent (although we can remove the film at any later date, using our special method) and expected to last 3-6 years if cared for by the owner, or short-term (3-6 months) like advertisement on busses, trains, and other form of public transportation vehicles which undertake advert campaigns from their clients for a negotiated cost.
    We will look after any order, whether you have one vehicle (start-up businesses), or a fleet (established larger corporations).
    Considered to be a "decorating & advertisement" mix, the cost for vinyl wrapping with custom-printed graphics can vary from one service provider to another.
    Our offer in Calgary starts at C$1500 for small class car (partial wrap, may not include the rooftop).
    A partial wrap on a Ford F150, Dodge Ram or similar size pick-up truck costs about C$1700 (graphics usually go over back doors, bed sides, and tailgate).
    More details in the Table below.

Prices For Vehicle Wraps (Range)

If you are on a tight budget and looking for the cheapest alternative for your vehicle advertisement, please visit our Car Decals page if you have a compact, medium-sized, sedan car, or our Vehicle Decals page if you have other type of vehicle. There we have advertising solutions with permanent graphics starting at only C$199 net per vehicle.
Vehicle Class Partial & Full Wraps* (with installation)
Cars C$2,000 - C$4,500
(Printed or Solid color)
for textured add 50%
SUVs C$2,500 - C$6,000
(Printed or Solid color)
for textured add 50%
Minivans C$2,500 - C$6,000
(Printed or Solid color)
for textured add 50%
Pick-up trucks C$2,500 - C$6,000
(Printed or Solid color)
for textured add 50%
Cargo vans C$3,500 - C$6,500
Box trucks C$4,500 - C$8,000
Trailers C$2,500 - C$6,000
Utility vehicles C$2,500 - C$6,000
Food trucks C$5,000 - C$9,000
Transport trucks C$5.000 - T.B.D.
* Average cost for average coverage for typical vehicle size in the category. Graphic design services NOT included (if required to do the graphic design, we can do it at a rate of $60 to $80 net per hour depending on project size). We can provide firm quote after receiving all the information and seeing the vehicle, and actual vehicle advertisement graphics cost is calculated based on:
- complexity of the logo (intricacy of text and shapes, number of colors) - applies to lettering mostly.
- whether we are asked to do the design, or the design is supplied print-ready - applies to wraps with a background mostly.
- vehicle's size - - applies to all types of vinyl graphics.
- condition of the vehicle - applies to all types of vinyl graphics.
- complexity of the vehicle's working area - some of the elements that can increase the cost due to more labour involved are trims and ornaments, rivets, ridges and deep crevasses (e.g. trailers with rivets, corrugated paneling).
- whether the installation work is done in our shop or at client's location - applies to all types of vinyl graphics.
Please be aware that vinyl is not meant to be applied onto any plastic or rubber parts, and it will be trimmed around such parts.
Costs above do NOT include any work required to remove existing decals, if any. If asked, please send us actual photos of your vehicle, not generic ones found on Google!
All vehicles must be taken by the driver through a carwash the day they are dropped off, no exceptions. Please do NOT use any waxing or protection fluids such as Rainex when you select the wash type.
All of the above are prices are net, FOB our shop in Calgary, AB. Travel cost and other costs to be determined if customer wants us to come to install the graphics at their location.
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