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We do auto wraps in Calgary with printed vinyl (advertising) or solid color film (restyling)

Partial Wrap Special Calgary AB
On Sale*: Partial wrap package for pick-up truck - CA $1,700 net - price includes graphic design. Areas covered: doors and windows (partial, see rendering), bed sides, rear window (perforated vinyl custom printed), tailgate (partial, see rendering). This is the best deal in Calgary, hands down! (*based on bookings availability for our shop bay).
Vinyl Wrap Calgary
From our facility in Calgary Alberta we offer custom 3M vinyl wrap print and application by professional installers. As seen from the photo above, the quality of our work is the best.
3M Vinyl Wrap Calgary
Car fashion trends: matte colors and carbon fiber textured vinyl films are in vogue. 3M's 180C line which we use has over 50 different colors and textures of conformable cast vinyl films to choose from.
Calgary Custom Vinyl Wrap
Wrapping auto vehicles with the desired images and text has never been so popular. Advertisements carried on by vehicles are viewed daily by thousand of co-participants in traffic. Due to their relative small cost when compared with other good exposure options (street billboards, newspaper, radio, tv ads), and the fact that the costs are non recurrent, auto vinyl wraps top the list of spending wisely the advertising budgets.
Van Wrap Calgary
CSB can apply our custom printed wrap vinyl film onto most surfaces to create a powerful visual message, and minivans are just one of the multitude of auto vehicle suitable for this purpose.
Voted Best Calgary Wrap 2015 in the Quality-vs-Price segment, CSB's clients have always appreciated our willingness to accommodate every fleet graphics budget.
Pick-up Truck Vinyl Wrap Calgary
Pick-up trucks also known as half-ton trucks (although most can carry more load weight these days) are very popular in the province of Alberta, hence we are often working on wrapping this type of vehicle.
Food Truck Vinyl Wrap Calgary
Food truck wrapping is another one of our specialties. Sometimes our clients buy used trucks which already have graphics on, so our task is to remove (if we can) or cover the exiting graphics with our new vinyl wrap like in the example in the photo with the reliable Grumman vehicle given another life.
Calgary Custom Vinyl Wraps
Our auto vinyl wrap designs are always custom, meaning that we take our client's commercial information and color preferences, and we come up with the best fit on the information on the vehicle's body.
Truck Vinyl Wrap Calgary AB
We have to work with that is thrown at us, and sometimes that means that the initial condition of the auto vehicle is not the greatest. In the photo above, we needed to do extensive preparation of the body surface before we could apply the vinyl film. The payoff was that the end result was very satisfactory to our client.
Box Truck Vinyl Wrap Calgary
Some say that wrapping with custom printed graphics a box truck is easy, but they forget about us having to go over all the rivets, ornaments, and reflective markers. At CSB we take care of all the small details.

CSB uses original 3M vinyl films for best results when wrapping vehicles with compounded curves. Avery and sometimes Oracal can provide good substitutes.

Any make and model car, truck, trailer, etc can be given a new look or put to work as "mobile advertising billboard" through vinyl wrapping, so why not give it a try?

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    Wrapping a vehicle refers to the process of applying a specialty vinyl film onto the surface/body of that vehicle. The process is entirely manual (laying the vinyl is done using basic tools such as a squeegee and a heat gun) thus making it labour intensive and clients should know that it is far more challenging than the spray-painting in a body shop.

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