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Warning, Safety, Hazard Signs Calgary

One of types we make are the portable safety signs which can used/reused at different locations, and stowed away in between jobs. Some of the messages that can be displayed are:

Caution slippery when wet.

Caution falling ice.

Hazard winter conditions.

Warning overhead work.

Sandwich board safety signs are used in Calgary by schools and community associations for playground zones, and by construction companies.

Slow down children crossing.

Slow down children playing.

Do not walk through the parking lot.

Warning men working overhead.

Businesses related to construction, restoration, remediation, forestry, or remote site exploration and extraction of natural resources can make very good use of portable safety signage.

Overhead lines use caution.

Emergency exit.

5 safety steps sign.

Do not proceed past this point until briefed.

Below are some other types of safety signs which are typically affixed on equipment, posts, walls, fences, gates, and other building structures.

Steam coil, hot surface.

For emergency call.

Stop you must have fall arrest training.

Danger confined space do not enter.

Warning high pressure pipeline.

Restricted entry authorized personnel only.

Clearance height sign reflective.

Warning video surveillance.

Danger open excavation.

Communication devices off.

Danger authorized trained personnel only.

Employees only.

Wading pool safety rules.

Warning restricted area.

Notice unsupervised recreation facility.

Combination of plotter-cut, digitally-printed, and printed perforated vinyl decals on pick-up truck.

We have most of the CSA designs, and we can also design any custom layout as per specifications.

We offer safety signs 100% Canada OSH warnings: fall arrest, confined space, high voltage, flammable liquids.

Any construction safety signs, decals, stickers, labels, or local traffic signs for Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan firms.

Occupational health & safety signage: protective equipment, authorized entry, danger corrosive, watch hands signs.

Danger content under pressure.

All visitors must report to the office.

Notice protected by video surveillance.

Access pass Calgary printing.

No dogs sign for playgrounds.

Equipment tags.

Recreation area signage.

Danger keep out.

Construction site no unauthorized entry.

Hazard warning icy conditions.

"Avoid the worst. Put safety first" printed banner.

Calgary flooding signage.

Alberta Parks signage.

CSB is Calgary's premier source for workplace safety signage. We manufacture in Calgary safety signs, safety decals and stickers, warning labels, safety posters and banners. We have all existing standard designs for warning signs, caution signs, OSHA signs, hazard signs, etc, yet we can personalize the signs we print with the client's company name, logo, or any other specific information, and no extra cost! Calgary Signs & Banners is a reliable supplier of safety signs for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia Oil and Gas companies, industrial production facilities, exploration sites, construction sites, municipalities, local institutions and businesses, working with purchasers to fill safety signs orders.

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