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We Make Magnetic Signs In Calgary For Various Purposes

Removable advertising on a business vehicle.

Displaying mandatory GVW Tare weights on commercial vehicles.

Fridge magnets for non-profit organizations' campaigns.

Fridge magnetic decals for business advertising (services).

Use as temporary warning signage where reusing is desired.

Use in warehouses (marking & identifications on metal shelving).

Removable mandatory safety signage affixed on equipment during transport.

Company removable logo signs on metallic equipment or structures.

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Calgary Signs & Banners is a manufacturer of custom printed magnetic signs, indoor and outdoor rated, for various uses ranging from promotional to advertising and gift items. CSB provides full services from design to production to shipping anywhere in the province of Alberta, or Canada. Calgary Signs & Banners manufactures custom car magnets aka magnet decals for temporary (on-and-off) advertising on vehicles typically used for personal and business purposes (slap the magnetic signs onto the auto vehicle's doors and/or back only when you need to. Magnetic decals are recommended for leased vehicles: no cost to remove magnetic signs at the end of the lease. CSB also manufactures fridge magnets in Calgary

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    Below are some guidelines for how to use and maintain CSB's magnetic signs:
    When the flexible magnetic sign is not used, it should be kept it in a clean, dry place, placed on a flat surface. Customers must not place objects which could damage the graphic face on top of the signs.
    Clients should ensure all surface paints / coatings are cured before affixing magnetic sheet to auto vehicle doors, or other part of the vehicle's body.
    Clients must clean with mild soapy water, wipe with a soft cloth, and allow to dry, both the vehicle surface and the back of the magnet decal, and ensure no grit, sand, or other abrasives will be trapped between the magnet and the car.
    CSB's Calgary magnetic signs are a great way of advertising at low costs; however, when applying the flexible magnet signs to their vehicle, clients must affix only to smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surfaces, and not to areas having body trims, ridges, or protrusions. Clients must ensure that the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface and that there are no lifted corners or air gaps which can cause the magnet to catch a eddy current / gust of wind while the vehicle is in motion, and detach itself (many clients have reported losing their magnetic decals).
    Finally, and this is valid for our typical Canadian winters, exposure to cold weather can make the magnet a little stiff, therefore our clients are advised to use caution when handling them during the cold season.

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